“People with ADHD often have a special feel for life, a way of seeing right into the heart of matters, while others have to reason their way methodically.” 
― Dr. Edward M. Hallowell


Jill Linkoff is a highly respected ADHD Coach with a unique emphasis on science-based, innovative strategies for attorneys with ADHD, psychiatrists with ADHD, social workers, and doctors with ADHD and other high-performing professionals living with ADHD.  Her practice also includes ADHD coaching support for couples, parents and college students.

Jill works with her professional clients to overcomes the constant drive to distraction, the difficulties focusing for long enough on a given task and the tendency for impulsive actions.   Other clients  have already found career success and are looking to fully understand their own difficulties with ADHD.  Adults with ADHD often exert an enormous amount of mental energy and self-control to refrain themselves at a conscious level, often coming at a huge cost to their well-being.

Jill incorporates researched-based strategies and solutions from top ADHD experts who have provided a solid foundation on what works.  Clients are looking to fully understand their difficulties with ADHD, working towards creating positive change.  Jill's translates the strategies and solutions into a real-world ADHD-informed applications of information, validation, and evidence-based strategies that truly change her clients' lives

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