What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD coaching focuses on the specific needs and objectives of the coaching client. Similar to all coaching, it is a supportive, goal-oriented process in which the coach and the client work to create the tools, strategies, mindfulness, and self-confidence necessary to help the client reach his or her potential.

The uniqueness of ADHD coaching in comparison to life coaching is that the coach is extensively educated, trained and experienced in working with individuals with ADHD and executive function challenges.   The AD/HD brain is complicated; education on the neurology of the brain is essential for clients to understand their executive function challenges.   Subsequently, the coach will work to find tools to compensate for the personal challenges the ADHD client experiences.  The coach will work with his/her clients to develop strategies that focus on building on their strengths, self-awareness, establishing priorities and learning to live by their core values.

Regardless of age, this type of specialized life coaching helps individuals with AD/HD develop the confidence, structures, process, motivation, and practical approaches necessary to meet the challenges of daily living and excel in their areas of personal strengths and potential.

Types of ADHD Coaching and Life Coaching Available by Jill Linkoff:

  • ADHD and Executive Function Coaching For Adults
  • Life Coaching For College Students with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges
  • Parent Coaching/Parent Educator

ADHD Coaching and Life Coaching Focus On:

  • Discovering Core Strenghts and Values
  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence, Motivation & Mindfulness
  • Achieving Balance
  • Organization & Productivity

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