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From both a personal and professional experience, parenting children with ADHD/LD is frustrating—for everyone.  So often, the disabilities are "unseen", essentially recognizing the difference between the disability and intentional behavior can be difficult. Parents with a child with ADHD experience daily challenges with homework, emotional regulation, relationships, impulsive, negative behavior, procrastination, motivation and much more!  Parents are desperate to understand their child's ADHD challenges but don’t have the education, resources or tools to be supported in productive and forward-moving manner.  This new diagnosis can create a feeling of aloneness, isolation from family and friends, and fear of being lectured with well-meaning yet ineffective advice or being judged as incompetent parents.  These executive function challenges make children feel horrible about themselves and hopeless about the future.   For the parent, it becomes difficult to know to react.  When children don’t seem to be working toward their potential or are acting defiant, it 's hard to know how to respond or where to go.

Where do you begin?  Research conducted over the past ten years supports the recommendation for Parent Coaching as a fundamental piece in the treatment of children with ADHD.  Education, combined with the support and guidance of a trained professional, can make a huge difference in developing parenting confidence and effectiveness to parent. As a certified ADHD Coach, I have trained in comprehensive programs, which provides specific ADHD Coaching skills and the foundation, to work with families who are being held back by the invisible barriers of ADHD. My knowledge, experience, and perspective are provided to support parents new to ADHD or those struggling to navigate its many challenges.

Education and knowledge of ADHD are fundamental; challenge yourself to develop your understanding, insights, and strategies to enable you to be a resilient, confident and competent parent.  It will be a gift to you and your children. For more information on the upcoming:

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