Adults with ADHD

Challenges with adult ADHD are inevitable in our personal, professional or social lives. The difference between success and failure lies in how we respond when confronted with difficulty. Some people get cynical and give up, and some people remain optimistic and resilient. Your response can be a catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don't believe in yourself that you can overcome a challenge, you undoubtedly won't. But if you are self-confident and determined, it's probable you'll get through the metaphorical barrier.

Message from Jill:

As a coach, I love the day-to-day experience of working with clients in a safe space that cultivates trust, commitment, and vision.   I am experienced and trained as an ADHD coach with a focus on research-based, innovative strategies.  I am constantly amazed at what opens up when I meet with clients, and they can speak, and listen from a space of honesty and safety and understand the daily challenges of living with ADHD/ADD. There is nothing quite like building a foundation of resiliency, trust, and understanding with your clients.  I wake up each morning loving what I do and loving whom I get to do it with.  I go to sleep each night looking forward to what the next day will bring.

I am privileged to have coached a wide variety of amazing individuals starting from age 16 and up; working with couples, parents, entrepreneurs, real-estate agents, attorneys, educators, and creative and resourceful college students.

I work to change lives by cultivating awareness.  I have no set agenda because you will choose your own; after all, it is your life.   My support is in your speaking.  You speak. I listen. You set a plan. Your life moves forward.

If you want to be in a created space that will allow you to see clearly for who you are and be clear what your life’s potential holds for you, work with me.




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